LARC Motors go all the way around


Applimotion’s LARC Series linear arc motors are now being used in 360 degree applications. These motors are ideal for rotating large diameter mechanics that do not require fast acceleration or the high torque you would otherwise get from large traditional motor. If you have a set of rotating mechanics that you need to rotate at fast or slow speeds, or position, the LARC motor gives you a low cost, low profile alternative

This motor technology has existed for more than 50 years and is otherwise known as an axial airgap magnetic configuration. Applimotion has expanded this technology to suit customer requirements for larger sizes and different torque speed ranges.

These motors operate from a traditional three phase motor controllers in sinusoidal control mode or six state control mode. They can also be used as generators. Motors can be wound for voltages covering 24-400 volts. They produce sinusoidal torque curves and have zero cogging. Their low profile and high pole count also make them ideal for torque production or power generation.

Typical applications include scanning, imaging, and inspection. Application segments include medical diagnostic devices, pick and place machinery, and metrology equipment.


* Ultra Thin – Heights as low as 8 mm and diameters up to 1000 mm * Simple Two Part Design – Frameless construction for integrating into your assembly * NdFeB Magnets - High performance magnet for optimum efficiency * Optional Windings – Select your voltage, speed and current, we create the winding * Sinusoidal Torque Curves – less than 1% higher harmonic content for minimum torque ripple on sinusoidal drives * Feedback – Hall devices optional at no addition to motor height, recommendations on encoders available * Applications – Partial or complete rotation (moving magnet or coil) of large rotary axes. Operates from standard three phase AC or BLDC drivers/amplifiers
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