Large-Capacity Bar Feeder


The large-capacity TRACER 65V/80V Hydrodynamic Magazine Bar Feeder can accommodate bars up to 12-ft long in diameters from 10 to 65 mm and, following a simple channel change, up to 80 mm in diameter. The feeder holds multiple bars, depending on the diameter size. For example, it can hold 36 bars that are 10 mm in diameter.


Large-diameter bar stock typically requires the use of loaders that can handle only 4 and 5 ft lengths, limiting productivity in long-term or lights-out operations. The TRACER hydrodynamic system, however, balances clamping action and oil pressure to hold and feed larger-diameter bars up to 12-ft long securely and precisely, providing an economical solution for long production runs.


The 65V/80V bar feeder is engineered for users of fixed- and sliding-headstock CNC lathes who need to feed production-run quantities of long, large-diameter bar stock. An operator can adjust the machine quickly for different bar sizes without any tools, and fast changes of guide channels increase throughput while minimizing changeover and setup times. Torque force and speed are easily adjustable to assure consistent feeding. In addition, all TRACER bar feeders feature the patented TRACER external blue light display that provides visual monitoring of bar status and alarms.

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