Laser Barcode Scanner


An industry first, the AccuLazr™ AL5010 laser barcode scanner from Accu-Sort® Systems, Inc.  now offers user access via the iPhone® and iPad®. A smartphone or tablet PC can now be used to remotely monitor and diagnose warehouse operations by accessing a web page hosted on the laser barcode scanner. A cable connection to the scanner is no longer required in order to monitor the performance of the system. 

“The material handling industry has increased the use of wireless networks in their operations, and the number of facilities managers and maintenance personnel using smartphones or tablets has significantly expanded," states Jonathan Stiles, AccuLazr product marketing manager at Accu-Sort. "The availability of both technologies has opened the door to new connectivity options for automatic identification equipment." Instant Access… from Anywhere! The remote connectivity capability of the AL5010 barcode scanner offers warehouse managers a number of benefits. 

  • Faster issue resolution: Remotely diagnose system performance. 
  • No additional software and setup: User interface is optimized for iPad, iPhone, and laptop. 
  • Data security: System operates over existing local area network inside of firewalls. 
  • Simple connection options: Quickly connect using QR code, IP address, and web browser bookmarks. 

To ensure peak performance, users can easily access their scanners to periodically monitor operation. This fast, secure and simple remote connectivity feature can result in an 80% faster issue resolution. Performance concerns can be identified quickly and maintenance personnel can be intelligently deployed


  • access via the iPhone® and iPad®
  • no additional software and setup

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