Laser Machine Gains Monitor Technology


Mitsubishi Laser has added the M800 control technology to its Advanced 800 Series eX-F fiber laser machine. The M800 laser control includes a 19-in. tablet style touchscreen, enabling users to swipe, pinch and tap to view data. It features a customizable home page and status bar to access data, meaning less time spent pressing various buttons to perform the same process.


Additionally, the M800 laser series control has a processing speed up to 100m per minute and includes an expanded cutting condition library with even more flexibility. Users will see improvements on hole circularity and process times on small geometrically intensive parts.


In line with Industry 4.0 requirements, the processing, consumption and service data available with this control ensures transparency in all production stages. The new navigation interface provides smooth and easy job operation for all operator expertise levels, allowing production jobs to be completed quickly and accurately.


Other benefits include: improved integration with remote360, expanded maintenance and help screens and larger storage for more program files.



  • Mitsubishi Electric’s  all-new ADVANCE 800 series control features a 19-inch touchscreen and many updated features to increase cutting speeds and productivity
  • The standard 19-in. touch screen provides Smartphone like intuitive operation
  • Now has keyboard and mouse for added control
  • Multilanguage capability enhances ease of use for machine operators across the shop floor
  • New Dashboard function and Remote diagnosis functionality’s are available
  • Processing speed up to 100m per min (up from 50)
  • Customizable Home Page and Status bar using Shortcut Icons. This means fewer button presses to perform the same process.
  • On Button Safety Door operation
  • Expanded cutting condition library with more condition lines and piercing options. There are now 20 conditions lines.
  • Easy condition and program search
  • Updated production Schedule for standalone machines
  • Edit up to two programs at once.
  • Expanded Maintenance and Help Screens
  • Improved process time on small geometry intensive parts due to better acceleration and deceleration.
  • The Advanced Dross Reduction Control increases cutting speed in tight geometry’s and holes
  • New 5 color light tower. Shows operational status and part-time remaining.
  • Windows 8e
  • The number of usable programs is now 1,000
  • Double the Ram over the 700
  • The machine now has two 3.0 MPA high-pressure gas ports
  • New Height Sensing capability has significantly increased cutting speed in lighter gauge materials
  • Pierce detection is standard, which allows for the machine to change material thicknesses without sacrificing cut quality and process time
  • Secure single action door –opening and closing and operator favorite
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