Laser Scanner Goes Robotic


Integrated with the portable ROMER Absolute Arm, RS4 scanner offers new optics, electronics, and mobile capabilities designed to deliver up to 60% faster scan rates than previous models.


The new RS4 scanner introduces an ultra-wide laser line nearly double the width of its predecessor, which translates to larger surface coverage and faster data collection. With a higher point resolution, ROMER users can obtain greater point cloud detail in significantly less time during a scanning session. The newly designed profile of the RS4 also allows users to scan more deeply into difficult-to-reach cavities than ever before, with no reduction in accuracy performance. Users of the portable measuring arm can switch seamlessly between tactile probe measurements and laser scanning to acquire 3D point data from a wide variety of surface types. As with every ROMER Absolute Arm model, scanner warm-up and time-consuming calibrations are not required, dramatically reducing set-up time. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is the only metrology OEM in the marketplace that certifies volumetric performance of its arm/scanner combination.


The ROMER Absolute Arm SI featuring the new RS4 scanner is now available to order worldwide via local Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence sales offices and dealers. The new laser scanner is available as a retro-fit product for existing ROMER Absolute Arm SI owners looking to upgrade their scanning performance.

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