LaserTrucks+ for Case Picking


LaserTrucks+ solution combines laser guided pallet trucks with a voice directed system, to increase picking productivity for case picking applications. The picking challenge in the warehouse
In the typical case picking operation, there are opportunities to maximize productivity and accuracy; this is the most labor intensive task in the warehouse, one that has a major impact on customer satisfaction.  The challenge is that during order picking, the warehouse staff is doing many tasks other than picking: getting a new shipping pallet, getting on and off a pallet truck, and taking the completed pallet to shipping.

Add Voice Directed System
Further optimization of the picker’s productivity can be obtained through the addition of Voice Picking technology.  By leaving the pickers hands free, the picking action becomes faster with additional benefits in terms of ergonomics and accuracy. However this still leaves the order fulfillment staff doing a lot of travel as opposed to doing what they are meant to be doing: picking.

LaserTrucks+: Maximizing the Productivity of Case Picking
By eliminating the non-value added tasks associated with a typical case picking operation, LaserTrucks+ has the potential to double picking productivity, while retaining the flexibility of manual systems.

The LaserTrucks+ solution upgrades pallet trucks to driverless operations using industrial grade laser guidance systems. At the start of an order, the Laser Truck delivers a new pallet directly to the picker, automatically moves with the Voice-equipped picker as they verbally confirm picks, and transports the completed pallet to shipping while the next Laser Truck brings a new pallet to the picker. The case picking productivity increases as operators are freed up to focus solely on picking.

Retaining High Flexibility
Beyond maximizing picking productivity in manual warehouses, the LaserTrucks+ solution delivers improved safety, energy efficiency and operational transparency. System flexibility is maintained. During peak periods, pickers with manual pallet trucks can work in conjunction with LaserTrucks+ to take up the additional throughput. Routing plans can be updated as requirements change and additional LaserTrucks+ can be added, and even transferred between sites.

The Dematic Warehouse Control System integrates LaserTrucks+ with a WMS or ERP.  It provides real time management and complete transparency of your LaserTrucks+ operation, including management information and decision support, order prioritization, order status, productivity statistics and reports, and workload analysis and reports. Everything required to optimize, manage and control the system is provided.

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