Lathe and Milling Combined into One


The ANW-3500 Fully Automated Twin Spindle Lathe is impressive on its own, but when combined with Fuji’s Fully Automated HM-3400 Milling Machine (optimized to integrate), it opens a whole new world of machining possibilities and efficiencies. Both machines of this cell have built-in robots.


Ideal for automotive, energy, aerospace, construction and agriculture equipment applications, this Turning and Milling/Drilling cell combination accommodates heavy workloads and large machine envelopes. Applications include large hubs and smaller diff cases, as well as disk brakes and rotors, flanges, hubs, differential cases, valves & seats, downhole subs, and more.


The operator-friendly ANW-3500’s dual spindles operate at 20/25 HP power each. An A2-6 spindle nose comes standard; an A2-8 spindle nose is available as an option for larger size chucks (12 – 15 in.). The ANW-3500’s swing arm, dual hand robot can handle up to 7kg (15.4 lb.) per side. The Z-axis stroke is substantially longer than conventional gantry loaded dual parallel spindle machines on the market, allowing for longer length parts.


The modular design of Fuji’s HM-3400 Milling Cell allows for line integration with Fuji’s ANW, as well as ANS, CSD and TN models. The combination of the ANW-3500 and the HM-3400 offers drilling and milling as well as the turning operations integrated into a modular production line running parallel tasking at the same time and enables a shorter takt time for higher volume of parts per shift.


Featuring 4 axes (X/Y/Z&C), the HM-3400 is capable of 5-face machining in one chucking. Equipped with Fuji’s own high-speed swing arm or gantry type robot, the HM-3400 provides work piece loading and unloading efficiency. The tools are mounted in a circular arrangement. Axial and radial holders can be freely attached anywhere on the turret of the HM-3400. Attaching an axial holder diagonally creates a B-axis on the machining center for machining angular holes. Turret tool capacity of the HM-3400 is offered with turrets of 6, 10 and 15 tool stations.

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