LC 116 and LC 416 Linear Encoders


The latest generation of LCxx6 encoders, the LC 116 and LC 416 feature a scanning design that uses true optimized optics for clear imaging even with contamination and condensation. This eliminates many air-purge needs, reducing the CO2 footprint by 99% and closing the gap in performance in harsh environments when compared to inductive scanning. Benefits of the scanning principle include reducing the mounting effort for the installer, reducing operating cost, and increasing machine efficiency.


The LC 116 and LC 416 encoders share the same profile and measuring lengths as the LC 1x5 / LC 4x5 encoders. The available accuracies are ±3 µm and ±5 µm in either EnDat22 or FANUC05 interfaces.


  • Eliminated need for extra sealing air filter
  • Reduced sealing air requirements
  • Reduced installation costs
  • In short: lower system cost
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