Tyco Electronics Corporation has introduced a line of sealed circular LC ODVA compliant fiberoptic connectors. LC ODVA compliant fiberoptic connectors carry an IP67 environmental sealing rating making them suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial Ethernet connection applications. A robust and rugged housing and connector coupling protect the connector interface from physical factors and conditions found in industrial environments. The sealed LC ODVA compliant connector system resists moisture, temperature and humidity, as well as many chemicals and corrosive gasses. Sealed LC ODVA compliant connectors can be applied to Ethernet and industrial networking systems both indoors and outdoors. This product may also be used in remote interface applications in communication towers, antennas and FTTX in passive optical networks (PON) as well as residential use.

The sealed LC ODVA compliant connector system includes singlemode and multimode plugs, singlemode and multimode receptacles as well as assembly bases and caps for plugs and receptacles. The LC connectors meet Telcordia, TIA and EIA specifications and include bayonet-style mechanical locking and UL 94V-0 materials. In addition, the bulkhead receptacle has a dual-mounting feature which allows bulkhead mounting from either side.

Sealed LC ODVA compliant connectors boast typical multimode attenuation loss performance of 0.20dB (singlemode 0.10dB), typical multimode return loss of 45 dB (55 dB singlemode) and durability of up to 500 cycles. The LC connector is qualified to Telcordia GR326 and TIA/EIA 568B.3.

Pricing for sealed LC ODVA compliant connector kits ranges from $22.36 to $29.81 at the ten kit quantity level. Deliveries are typically stock to 12 weeks.
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