LCD Readout Innovation, the VUE!


The Acu-Rite VUE LCD readout is a direct replacement for the 100S LED digital readout system and maintains the low cost, affordable, entry-level system price. The major innovation of the VUE DRO console is the crystal clear LCD display which replaces the traditional 7-segment LED display technology still used by others. All new VUE consoles have 5.7”, 320x240 resolution transmissive LCD displays, the latest in flat screen technology. The VUE is also the first readout in the industry to display full text on a crystal clear LCD display. Major benefits of this display technology are that users can now configure the console for a 1-, 2- or 3-axes display and can set the application software for milling, turning, or grinding/general use according to their needs. This versatility obsoletes the expensive need for users to buy multiple application-specific consoles. The real benefits of this new display technology are the most important ones. The system is now totally intuitive as all prompts, instructions and help functions are visible as text or graphics on the screen. In addition, all standard routines are now visible on the screen with graphics to guide users through the simple questions. It is no longer necessary to constantly refer to a manual, or memorize codes, to access the functionality in the system. It’s right there in front of the user. This truly provides time savings which translates into increased efficiency and productivity. The VUE for milling comes fully loaded with bolt hole pattern calculations for full and partial circles with graphics, zero reset and preset features, tool diameter compensation, near zero warning, and every other operating feature available in Acu-Rite’s previous DRO product lines. Lathe users will welcome the many features the VUE for turning will offer. Available as a 2- or 3-axes LCD display, the VUE for turning features sixteen tool offsets that make it simple to compensate for different tool sizes. And when the tool offset is used with the axis lock feature, the tool deflection is reduced, even under load. There is even a VUE solution for grinding and general use. Grinding and general use applications are completed with ease using the VUE’s zero reset, linear error compensation, instant radius to diameter and inch to mm conversions, and absolute/incremental display features. The VUE LCD readout system features an intuitive, operator-friendly keypad with soft keys, and dedicated application specific function keys that make it the easiest system to use in the industry. The VUE also features modern USB technology for serial communications to download available future software enhancements. The VUE is a convenient and easy, entry level solution and includes everything an operator needs at an affordable price. The VUE LCD readout includes Acu-Rite Precision Glass Scales. Glass scale encoders are chosen more frequently over any other linear encoder technology world-wide for use with Digital Readout Systems. This is because they are inherently durable and resist changes in size, shape or density due to temperature and humidity variations. Their stability provides accuracy down to ±1.5um (.00006”), earning them an industry-wide reputation for excellence in measurement and positioning technology.
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