Leadless Component Ruggedization Adhesives


DYMAX has developed a next-generation, fast, room-temperature-cure ruggedization adhesive engineered specifically for bonding high-value PCB components.  DYMAX 9422-SC is a component ruggedizing and staking material engineered to hold critical components, such as Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) and Video Graphics Arrays (VGA), for secondary processes or for long-term reliability. DYMAX light-curable adhesives dispense and cure in seconds to provide the optimal balance of production efficiency and technical performance.

Various technologies are available for ensuring critical components on printed circuit boards remain intact throughout manufacturing, assembly qualification, and service environment for the duration of product lifecycle. Should one ball-grid interconnect fail, a whole device could be compromised.  DYMAX 9422-SC helps enhance shock and vibration resistance of electronic assemblies.  Bead shape is designed to wet both the board surface and the component edge without seeping into shadowed areas.  This material is highly thixotropic for zero movement prior to cure.  9422-SC is halogen and silicone free and RoHS compliant.


• Viscosity : 37,500 cP nominal • Uncured Appearance : Blue Transparent Gel • Package Sizes Available : 10 mL Syringe (MR), 30 mL Syringe (MR), 170 mL Cartridge, 300 mL Cartridge

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