Lean AGC Moves up to 300 lb


FHS-A20020 AGC, constructed of Creform pipe and joint components, travels in a simple loop with multiple stopping points for material delivery, as well as ideal for point-to-point delivery. It follows a peel and stick guide path that is easily and quickly installed and changed, and can carry loads up to 300 lb.

its off-board system for the unit to open and close air-lock doors automatically. The AGC pulls up, opens the first door, and proceeds into a lock chamber. The first door closes and the second door opens. It can be constructed in various configurations.


  • Carry loads up to 300 lb.
  • 12 volt system powered by a deep-cycle battery
  • Supported by Placon rollers for easy transfer
  • Travels in a simple loop with multiple stopping points
  • Safety equipment: audible warning device, flashing light, non-contact object detector, safety bumper and E-stop
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