LED Driver


Called the GP-LD15-40C, this LED driver is suitable for variable voltage LED lights from 30 to 40 v with a rated output power of 14 w. It supports input voltage ranges from 11 to 15 v dc, and 22 to 30 v dc. This rugged, weatherproof driver offers many built-in safety features to protect itself, and connected devices including batteries and LED modules.


It works well with a variety of lower voltage power sources in which the voltage level may fluctuate significantly, including 12 v dc, 24 v dc, battery power and solar power.



  • DC input 11 to 15V DC and 22 to 30V DC
  • Constant current mode
  • Protection: SCP / OVP
  • UVLO (Under-voltage lockout protection) preventing deep discharge, protecting the battery
  • Reverse Input Power Protection (Device will not start if power inputs are reversed)
  • IP67 rated for environmental protection
  • Operating temperature from –20 to 40°C at full load
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