LED Halo Indicators


Designed to energize and impress your customers with a stylish visual affect, the QH Series halo indicators use optimal, high quality hyper bright LEDs and are available in a number of different frames & color options.


They serve as a status indicator with APEM’s 16, 19, and 22-mm switches, from LED Indicators to industrial emergency stops. Used in either interior or exterior applications, the QH halo’s are easy to mount with zero depth from behind the panel and are held to the panel by the nut of the switch and an adhesive gasket for an IP67 rating.


Distinctive features include:
• 12 illuminated LEDs
• Supply voltage 12-24 v dc @10ma – 20ma
• Front panel sealing from IP65 (standard) and up to IP67
• EMC and ESD tested
• 200 mm 26 AWG (UL1061) wires
• 3M rear adhesive gasket

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