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Patlite’s CWA Industrial LED Light Strips are now available in three lengths to fit a wide variety of industrial task lighting applications. The slim profile lights measure less than 40 mm wide by 30 mm high and are available in 300, 600 and 900 mm lengths. All CWA Industrial LED Light Strips are IP65-rated and vibration-resistant to perform in most indoor industrial settings. The highly reliable LED chips provide a natural daylight color light with up to 9X longer life and +80% less energy consumption compared to fluorescent fixtures. CWA units are also advantageous with their dramatically lower heat radiation, making them a superior solution for enclosed cabinets, storage areas and workbench task lighting installations. Conversely, with a -30°C to 60°C operating temperature range (90% non-condensing relative humidity), the lights are perfectly suited for unheated areas and refrigeration units as well. 

The three models: CWA3S, CWA6S and CWA9S provide 350, 700 or 1050 lumens total luminous flux respectively. Operating on 24 VDC, these units consume just 6W/180 mA, 12W/360mA or 18W/540mA of power and current. CWA Industrial LED Light Strips are rated for 40,000 hours. Unlike fluorescent lighting, there is no need for special protective enclosures for the CWA Industrial LED Light Strips because of its rugged construction.  The lights can be mounted in any orientation. Installation is quick and easy with snap-on clip mount brackets. 


  • three lengths
  • slim profile
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