LED Scene Light


J.W. Speaker Corporation has developed a new high output LED scene light that boasts an amazing 20,000 effective lumens (40,000 raw).  Already in production, these new LED scene lights are more energy efficient, more durable, longer-lasting, and considerably less costly to maintain than comparable high intensity discharge lights.  This new lamp, dubbed the Model 623, is also being praised as being a safer alternative to bulb-based scene lights because the lens remains cool to the touch, helping to prevent both burns and fires.

Perfect for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or retrofit applications, the Model 623 offers brighter, whiter light in your choice of three ample beam patterns – wide, medium or narrow flood.  The vibration-resistant light source and die-cast aluminum housing combine to create a durable package that’s perfect for rugged applications such as mining or construction.  At present, the company is manufacturing two different voltage configurations – 24V DC and 80-270V AC.  The lamps have passed extensive photometric testing, carry a 4-year limited warranty, and are sealed to IP67.


  • 20,000 effective lumens
  • offers brighter, whiter light
  • three ample beam patterns
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