LED Signal Tower Boasts Over 11 Years of Operation


LED signal tower reportedly provides more than 100,000 hours (11 years) of maintenance-free operation. The LCE-A Series tower comes with red, yellow, and green light modules. Steel pole and mounting bracket are included. Patlite (U.S.A.) Corp., Torrance, CA


• SIZE: 40mm diameter • INPUT VOLTAGE OPTIONS: AC/DC24V • FUNCTIONS AVAILABLE: - Continuous only - Continuous, Flashing, Alarms • MOUNTING OPTIONS: - Pole mount: with 300mm steel pole, SZ-012 angle bracket, 2 nuts, 2 washers - Direct mount: includes 3 mounting nuts • BODY STYLE: - Pre-assembled, pre-wired - Interchangeable and stackable after purchase • BODY COLOR: Gray • TIERS: 1-5 modules can be stacked • MODULE COLORS: Red / Amber / Green / Blue / Clear • ALARMS (FB STYLE ONLY): - Alarm 1: selectable, single-tone, intermittent (fast beep) alarm, 85dB (at 1m) - Alarm 2: selectable, single tone, intermittent (slow beep) alarm, 85dB (at 1m) • RATINGS: - CE - UL Component Recognition (US) - UL Component Recognition (Canada) - RoHS • PROTECTION: - IP-65 - Type 4 / 4X / 13 (indoor, direct-mount only) • CONTROL OPTIONS: - Dry contact closure such as switches or relay contacts - Open-collector transistor (NPN or PNP for DC24V - Direct voltage control for DC24V, continuous and alarm functions only
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