LED Signal Tower visible from farthest end of factory floor


Because the LA6 Revolite LED signal tower can be programmed in up to 5 different segments with 21 color choices, 11 alarm patterns and endless flash rate settings, show any number of processes with different colors or alarm sounds, including but not limited to: indicating the severity of an error on a machine, showing the progress of a machine process, or visually indicating the depletion of tank fluids in real time. It can even be used in a countdown mode, visually aiding the pace of an assembly line.

The newly developed lens design efficiently diffuses LED light so that it is unmistakably visible, even from great distances, and can display one single .solid color to indicate errors.


•    Rated Voltage DC24 V
•    85dB alarm at 1m
•    Operating Ambient Temperature -25° C to +60° C
•    Signal Wire Current Maximum 70mA
•    Protection Rating IP65 (with alarm IP54)
•    3 LED stack model and 5 LED stack model available.
•    Approvals: *UL508, CSA-C22.2 No.14, CE, RoHS, FCC Part 15 Superpart B, Class B
•    Full color LEDs driven by microcomputer in the tower.
•    Rewritable software configurations
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