LED Sunfish ™ Series of LED lighting


Halogen Lighting Products Corporation debuts their new LED Sunfish ™   Series of LED lighting, designed specifically for the brutally intolerant machine and industrial applications. The Sunfish ™   fixtures offer mercury-free, exceptionally bright natural white illumination at a fraction of the power consumption and cost of standard incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen technologies. The average life of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are approximately 50,000 hours – so changing a bulb every decade becomes the new standard.
Each Sunfish ™   fixture is encased in a totally watertight, dustproof, and nearly indestructible super acrylic casing that has been field tested in the most hostile environments in the world for the past decade. The powerful, exceptionally bright fixtures are available in 11”, 24”, 40”, and 52” lengths, also accompanied with a multitude of brackets to accommodate the diverse range of industrial applications. The watertight Sunfish ™   Series are certified IP67 (waterproof under pressure) and are engineered to withstand the most brutal real-world industrial environments where vibration, harmonics, coolants, fluids, mist, lubricants, metal chips and other forms of debris are prevalent. The Sunfish ™   LED series also features smart driver technology, incorporating an electronic driver that can sense a dim LED and auto-compensate for brightness.
Halogen Lighting Products Corporation is an industry leader in providing North America with the largest selection, superior quality, and highest certifications of fluorescent, halogen and LED lighting designed specifically to provide solutions for the machine and harsh industrial markets for the past two decades. “Our fixtures have proven themselves over time with their ruggedness, resilience, and reliability in the World’s worst applications. If there is a hell, they probably buy their lighting from us.” states Andrew Skaper, warehouse manger for the company.
For applications that require no glass contamination such as the food, drug, and medical industries, Halogen Lighting offers their Shatterproof²  ™    solution, where the glass bulbs are encased in a nylon derivative that serves as a safety net, fully encapsulating all glass fragments in the event a bulb breaks or shatters.

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