LED Universal Retrofit Light Bar


Universal Retrofit System (URS) is the ultimate retrofit system for a variety of linear fluorescent light fixtures. Each URS is comprised of a patent pending aluminum extrusion, a high-efficacy set of LEDs, and an external dimmable driver. The URS is offered in two nominal lengths, 2 and 4 ft, to retrofit the most popular installed housing. When the objective is to extend the useful life of installed fixtures while upgrading to LED with a robust, complete retrofit system with components that exceed those found in LED Tubes, Linmore’s URS is the clear choice.


Suitability: T5 or T8 Linear Fluor Fixtures
Warranty: 10 Years Complete System
Expected Life: > 88,000 Hours
Driver: External, 0-10 Volt Dimmable
System Input Wattage (driver dependant):  9-88 Watts
Length: 21.25 or 45.25 in. (including cap tab)
Efficacy (3500K): 131-152 Lumens/Watt (+/- 10%)
Voltage: 100-277 Volts AC
Beam Angle: 240
Integral Volumetric Diffuser: Frosted, 94% Transmission Rate
Color Rendering Index (CRI): 82
Color Temperature: 3500K, 4100K, or 5000K
Extrusion Material: 6063 T5 Aluminum
Operating Temperature: -40º - 140ºF
Power Factor: 0.99 
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): < 9% (277 Volt)
Certifications: UL1598, Lighting Facts FCC CFR 47 Part 15, ROHS CUL (Canada)
Design Lights Consortium: Linear Ambient fixture and Retrofit Kit.



  • Efficacy up to 152 Lumens/Watt Delivered
  • 0-10 Volt Multi-Channel Dimming External Driver
  • Aluminum Heat Sink/Extrusion
  • Integral Volumetric Diffuser
  • Clear Polycarbonate End Caps
  • No Glass
  • 240-deg. Light Distribution
  • 10 Year Warranty Complete System
  • No Mercury
  • No UV Light



  • Only top tier performance diodes for ultra-high Lumens/Watt
  • Lowest Watts per Foot Candles Available
  • 288 LEDs (4 ft URS) or 144 LEDs (2 ft URS) for superior consistentency of light along entire URS



  • The heat sink extrusion is made of 6063 T5 Aluminum with substantial fins & surface area for superior heat dissipation
  • Patent pending Air Flow Cavity under LED PCB allows dissipated heat to leave the URS area
  • Interior PCB Board is made of aluminum core and mechanically bonded to the aluminum extrusion heat sink



  • Integral Volumetric Diffuser eliminates glare and evenly distributes light
  • Integral Volumetric Diffuser transmits 94% of generated lumens
  • Suitable for most food processing applications
  • The beam angle is 240-deg. for a wide distribution of light
  • Glass Free
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