LED Vapor Tight Linear Fixtures


Engineered for powerful lighting in a watertight enclosure, MaxLite introduces DesignLights Consortium (DLC)-qualified LED Vapor Tight Linear Fixtures for harsh environment installations. MaxLite provides the IP66-rated fixtures for use in car wash operations, airports, tunnels, maintenance areas, parking garages and stairwells. The dimmable fixtures can meet California Title 24 requirements and are available for purchase with rebates of up to $.50 per kilowatt-hour from select utilities. “Our DLC-qualified LED Linear Fixtures use a vapor tight housing to protect the light source from water and dirt in harsh environments,” said Vice President of Product Marketing Pat Treadway. “Additionally, our thermal- and lumen-balanced LED engineering provides cooler operation and greater energy savings based on new generation LEDs and drivers.”

Available as a simplified lineup of eight basic models, the fixtures are offered in two- and four-foot sizes and 30 and 50 watts. Designed as a replacement for fluorescent strip lighting, the LED Vapor Tight fixture is constructed with a one-piece non-corrosive polycarbonate body to protect the LED light source from water, dirt and vandalism from vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Supplied hardware includes stainless steel buckles, surface mount brackets and paint-after-fabrication gear tray. The LED Vapor Tights’ innovative, thermal- and lumen-balanced light engines are engineered with low drive rates to allow cooler operating temperatures. Less thermal heat sinking allows for additional LEDs within the fixture and results in a higher lumen output. The cooler LEDs perform longer and work more efficiently than harder-driven LEDs, ultimately resulting in greater energy savings, longer lifetime and higher quality of light The fixtures meet or exceed Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) footcandle recommendations at installed heights for parking area, driving lane or stairwell compliance. LED Vapor Tights can be installed by suspension, or mounted to walls or ceilings.


  • watertight enclosure
  • two- and four-foot sizes and 30 and 50 watts.

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