LED Work Light


SL-1530 LED Work Light has dual light fixtures that can be directed independently of each other allowing users to position each fixture exactly where light is needed.


The two side-by-side LED fixtures are attached to a base unit that can be removed easily from the tripod stand and placed on the floor for low angle illumination. The included 8-ft tripod stand extends the dual fixtures up to 8 ft off the ground. Each work light fixture has a tempered glass lens, and is powder-coated for long wear and durability with a multi-fin heat sink design keeping each fixture cool to the touch. The comfort-grip handles makes transporting and positioning this work light a snap, and the center-mounted handle aids in removing, mounting and moving the base unit. The model SL-1530 work light has a 12' 18/3 SJTW cord for all-weather use


LED Dual Fixture Work Light features:

  • Two 50-w ac-powered LED work lights
  • Each cool to the touch LED produces 5,000 lumens (combined 10,000)
  • Multi-angle tilt and swivel fixture design places light where needed
  • Included tripod stand extends lights up to 8 ft high
  • Light fixture base unit can be removed from tripod stand for low angle illumination
  • 12 ft of 18/3 SJTW cord
  • Powder  coated for long wear and durability
  • Tempered glass lens

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I like how this light can be moved from the ground to a tripod. This will help me on a number of different levels. LOL