Lenses Optimized for Machine Vision


TECHSPEC Rugged Blue Series M12 µ-Video Lenses feature high resolution designs and are optimized for machine vision working distances. They are ideal for calibrated imaging applications such as measurement and gauging, 3D stereo vision, robotics and sensing, autonomous vehicles, and object tracking.


The Lenses are Stability Ruggedized, which protects the lens from damage and reduce pixel shift and maintain optical pointing stability after shock and vibration, which can be common in machine vision applications. Each of the M12 lenses is composed of several precision glass optics that are glued together in place, inside of a compact aluminum housing. By securing the glass optics with glue, any small movements are prevented, therefore avoiding any pixel shift within the system. Further, object-to-image mapping is maintained, even after a heavy shock or vibration. This means that the center of the object will map onto the center pixel and will always continue to map to that same center pixel.


TECHSPEC Rugged Blue Series M12 µ-Video Lenses use an M12 x 0.5, S-Mount and are available in aperture options ranging from f/2.5 to f/8 and focal lengths from 3 to 25 mm. The RoHS compliant lenses feature a maximum camera sensor format of 1/3 in. and a working distance of either 100-400 mm or 150-400 mm. TECHSPEC Rugged Blue Series M12 µ-Video Lenses are in-stock and available for immediate delivery.

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