Lever Style Stopper Cylinders


Lever style stopper cylinders from Fabco-Air are offered in single or dual roller models with bores or 32, 40 and 50 mm. Direction of rollers is adjustable. Standard features include builtin shock absorbers for extended life (rear view #1) and magnetic pistons for activating externally mounted sensors when input signals are required for controllers.

An optional "latch" feature (full view #2) locks the lever in alignment to the rod once the workpiece has pushed the lever through the shock absorber stroke thus reducing additional strokes to the shock absorber. The latching mechanism is released when the rod fully retracts.

Optional ball-chain retained lockout cap (side view #3) fits over the shock absorber stem to position the roller out of the conveyor stream.

Units can be double acting or single acting with spring extended rod. Double acting models can be furnished with built-in fail-safe extended rod.
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