LFS 12 Rails and Carriages Offer Low Cost Solutions for Door Enclosure and Transfer System Applications


Techno, Inc. Linear Motion Products is proud to release a new line  of low profile linear rails and carriages called the LFS 12 Series.  Offered in two configurations, the LFS 12 Series are a low cost solution  to simple automation applications like door enclosures and transfer  systems.

 “The LFS 12 Linear Rails and Carriages offer flexibility in  applications which demand low cost yet accurate rails,” says Joe  Griffin, Linear Motion Products Manager. “These rails mount directly to  the table, keeping their profile very low. Two different mounting  configurations make for a versatile installation process. The first  configuration can be bolted from the bottom via tapped holes, and the  second has drilled and counterbored holes for top mounting.”

 Each LFS 12 Linear Rail and Carriage has mating V-groove rollers  which can be supplied individually or as a complete carriage assembly.  Rail lengths are 3 meters, but custom lengths can be ordered for OEM  applications and they are all 12 mm in diameter.
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