Li-Ion Forklift Battery



East Penn Manufacturing Co. is excited to announce the release of its new DekaⓇ Ready PowerⓇ Li-ion forklift battery. 


This new product is a welcomed addition to the Deka “Mountain of Power” offering, which includes a wide variety of other maintenance-free designs as well as the industry’s most proven and dependable flooded products. 


The Deka Ready Power features power-on-demand with a safe yet high-powered Li-ion technology that delivers long cycle life, high energy density, and rapid recharge. Designed to live up to the Deka name, it is built and backed by the industry’s most trusted support. A ten Battery Management System (BMS) design monitors each one of the battery’s nine modules as well as the overall system to optimize control and performance. Maximum energy transfer is conducted through rugged 4/0 copper cabling and battery data is constantly monitored and communicated to each BMS via a Control Area Network.


Like all Deka products, the Deka Ready Power’s support is unmatched by the rest of the industry with a nationwide network of technicians and customer support, built-in ease of disassembly for more service options and extended life, and a safe and responsible end-of-life solution.

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