Lift Truck Series With Lifting Capacities of 55,000 to 70,000 lbs


Hyster Company has launched a new series of lift trucks in the 55,000 lbs. to 70,000 lbs. lifting capacity range. The Hyster® H550-700HD models are ideally suited for a wide variety of applications including steel manufacturing, loading general cargo at sea ports or moving and stacking loaded and unloaded containers.
“We engineered these trucks to represent an excellent return on investment by offering best-in-class operator comfort, high productivity and reliable, proven components,” said Herman Klaus, director, big truck operations, Hyster Company. “If a customer needs a rugged, versatile lift truck, then the Hyster H550-700HD series is going to deliver the performance to meet that demand.”
The newly designed models combine a host of new features including the ComforCab II operator compartment, developed for enhanced operator comfort to maximize productivity.
In addition, the hydraulic system has been redesigned for optimal reliability and to lower the truck’s operating cost. With its new “Power-on-Demand” load-sensing hydraulic system, the hydraulic fluid is only pumped when the system is required to do work. At low load conditions, drivers won’t need to rev the engine to receive fast hydraulic speeds. This system leads to lower hydraulic oil temperature, extended life of hydraulic oil, filter, hoses, seals and components, and simplified plumbing with a reduction in the number of connections and O-ring face seal (ORFS) fittings.
The lifts trucks also feature a new cooling system design capable of giving heavy duty performance, even at 110-degree ambient temperatures. The new series’ electrical connections used throughout the trucks are sealed Deutsch connectors and provide high performance in all weather conditions.
These features and more contribute to the trucks’ low cost of ownership. The redesigned hydraulic system can reduce fuel consumption since the engine operates mostly in low RPM range, and can also extend the hydraulic oil change intervals. The wet disc brakes require minimal maintenance, while the friction discs last up to 20,000 hours. The Sy-Klone Air Pre-Cleaner is self cleaning, and extends the life of the air filter. Finally, the powertrain protection system protects the engine and transmission by reducing power or shutting the truck down under prescribed conditions to avoid damage.
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