Lifting Porous Materials with High Levels of Air Flow


Vacuums can lift an extraordinary variety of materials but to do so successfully the right balance of vacuum flow and vacuum level must be matched to the characteristics of the items to be picked up - large, heavy, and solid, or smaller, lighter, and porous.


Though some may assume the opposite, vacuums able to pick up heavy products may not be capable of picking up smaller items. For example, a vacuum product powerful enough to lift a 15-lb. slate of granite without difficulty won’t be able to pick up a piece of foam, a pile of carpet, or even a dog bone or energy bar. Why? Because the vacuum that can successfully raise solid elements such as granite does not have the vacuum flow necessary to handle products that are porous. For porous products, a vacuum pump with a high level of vacuum flow is needed to overcome leakage and pick them up with no difficulty. But even this more versatile vacuum may not have the air flow necessary to handle a filter medium. For this, you’ll need additional vacuum flow.


In short, not all vacuums are exactly alike. Depending on what you are lifting, you will need a different vacuum pump, specifically, a series of adjustable vacuum generators that can create a tremendous amount of vacuum flow at a low vacuum level that can pick up porous products such as filter mediums.



Adjustable air amplifiers and blowers efficiently generate a high vacuum flow, 55 SCFM, and low level of vacuum, 6”Hg using a small amount of compressed air, with an air amplification ratio up to 40:1 (output to input). They are ideal for applications that require high levels of flow such as the rapid evacuation of fumes, blow drying wet materials, or to cool hot areas and/or materials. Their high vacuum flow can overcome leaks associated with porous objects such as cardboard, foam or fabric.


In addition, such vacuum pumps featuring high levels of airflow, are field-adjustable for individual applications. They hold porous materials securely, are easy to install, (being compact and lightweight), and efficient. They deliver an instant response, are safe to operate and generate no heat, controlling output pressure and never bursting.

By Jeremy King, Product Manager, Vacuum and Sensing Technologies, Bimba

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