LiftingFrame Has Telescoping Arms to Accommodate Bulk Bags of Various Sizes


Bulk bag lifting frame with telescoping arms accommodates bulk bags produced in an increasing range of sizes.

The lifting frame is optional on all BFC models of Flexicon's BULK-OUT discharger line, and available for up to 2.2-ton capacities to replace conventional lifting frames of any make or model of discharger that employs a hoist to position and suspend bulk bags.

The telescoping arms can be adjusted using clevis pins and safety clips to a range of settings to accommodate bulk bags from 32 to 47 in.) square at the upper sew seam. This adjustability also allows the lifting frame to work safely with rectangular bags.



  • Capacities range to 2.2 tons
  • Handle bulk bags from 32 to 47 in. square at upper sew seam
  • Work safely with rectangular bags
  • Come in carbon steel or stainless steel
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