LiftStik PLS67-285


The LiftStik PLS67-285 is a versatile 4-wheel lifter transporter made of strong, durable, impact-resistant aluminum. Compact, extremely maneuverable and rated for an impressive 285 lb. lifting capacity, it is ideal for lifting and transporting items in a wide range of industrial, retail, laboratory, food processing, pharmaceutical and office environments. Loads are evenly distributed over four oversized casters that roll easily over thresholds and uneven floors. A unique adjustable width base can be set as narrow as 20” for use in tight quarters or as wide as 28” to provide extra stability for wider loads. A foot-actuated rear caster lock keeps the unit from moving during loading, unloading or when used as a variable height worksurface.


The narrow mast design allows workers to have a clear view during transport. The standard platform is 19.5” x 19.5” made from extremely durable UMHW polyethylene. Wood laminate or stainless-steel platforms are also available. An ergonomic contoured “sponge grip” handle accommodates operators of different heights.  Lifting and lowering controls are conveniently placed within reach of the push handle and can be operated during transport. A corded lifting remote can also be furnished.


Lifting speed is a quick 4.75” per second. The battery-powered lift mechanism consists of a steel-reinforced cam belt. Because the lift is mechanical and not hydraulic, there is zero platform drift and no possibility of process contamination due to fluid leaks. A battery-charge status indicator is mounted near the push handle in direct operator view. Battery charging is done via an onboard 110V charger.


In addition to the standard lifting platform, the LiftStik can be equipped with a wide variety of options including reel rotators, mandrels, v-cradles, forks, an articulating boom with lifting hook and more. Stainless-steel construction is also available for sanitary, food processing or washdown applications.

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