Light-Duty Drag Conveyor for Chip Removal


PRAB offers a lighter-duty version of its proven drag conveyor technology that easily integrates under certain types of CNC machines for the removal of chips at the source.


It has been redesigned into in a low-profile format to easily integrate under machining centers offering an economic replacement alternative to factory-installed 1.5-in. pitch steel belt conveyors, which can often require frequent maintenance due to premature wear. The specially designed drag conveyor also features a grated end plate to allow metalworking fluid transferred from chips to exit the conveyor and collect in a liquid-tight trough.  


In addition to added reliability due to fewer moving parts, PRAB’s drag conveyor offers zero carryover to improve productivity. PRAB can engineer and manufacture drag and other conveyors, per customer application demands.


PRAB offers two models: Series #348 and Series #458, in three configuration styles designed to convey materials for scrap recycling ranging in weight and bulk density. This scrap material conveyor is also available with in-feed hoppers and metering plates, and can also be customized with coolant pumps for integration with a chip and fluid filtration system.


  • Rugged, forged steel, rivetless chain
  • Heavy-duty flight bars with PRAB exclusive bolt-free connection
  • Abrasive-resistant, alloy steel wear surfaces
  • Liquid-tight, press-formed trough
  • Safety top covers
  • Infeed hoppers and multiple discharge points to fit your application
  • Covered by PRAB’s one-year warranty


  • Utilize plant space
  • Different elevation of discharging point
  • Filling of larger containers
  • Used in overhead layouts


  • Utilize plant space
  • Different elevation of discharging point
  • Cost-efficient setup for feeding small containers


  • Efficient processing
  • Used in horizontal or inclined layouts
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