Lightweight Robotic Tool Changer Handles Up to 110 lb.


The QC-46 Tool Changer weighs only 6.5 lb and  has a very low stack height of 2.61 in., while utilizing the same proven locking mechanism as the previous QC-40Q Series Tool Changer.


This robotic tool changer handles payloads up to 110 lb. and allows up to .1 in. of plate separation when locking and can accommodate up to seven separate utility modules to handle a large variety of signals, fluid, air, and other requirements.


Additional features include optional internal Lock/Unlock sensing and direct mount to robots with a 100 mm ISO pattern.


  • Suggested Payload Limit: 110 lb
  • Locking Force @ 80 psi (5.5 bar): 1300 lb
  • Static Moment Capacity (X & Y): 2000 lbf-in
  • Static Moment Capacity (Z): 2600 lbf-in
  • Positional Repeatability - (X, Y, & Z): 0.0006 in
  • Weight - when coupled: 6.57 lb
  • Master Weight: 4.31 lb
  • Tool Weight: 2.26 lb
  • Maximum distance between Master & Tool plate before locking at 87 psi (6 bar): 0.1 in.
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