Linear Guide Handles Higher Loads


Compact Rail Plus is designed for demanding applications such as those involving higher loads, high speeds, fast accelerations or harsh, dirty operating environments. Its design features double-row ball bearings for greater load capacity in both radial and axial directions, new rails with convex raceways for added rigidity, and steel sliders with longitudinal seals to protect internal components from dirt and contaminants. Induction-hardened raceways in select models ensure quiet operation and a long lifetime, and different surface treatments are available to resist corrosion.


Like its Compact Rail counterparts, this compliant guide can align itself to less-than-perfect mounting surfaces. Available with a choice of four different sliders, Compact Rail Plus allows two rails to be combined with different sliders to create a self-aligning system that can compensate for misalignment errors on two planes: axial up to 3.5 millimeters and radial up to ±1.3 degrees. Taken together, Compact Rail Plus’ features and capabilities will allow users to:

  • Choose the best structure according to their accuracy requirements.
  • Easily mount the linear guide on non-machined structures.
  • Reduce total assembly time.
  • Deploy the guide in harsh environments.

In addition to high load and self-alignment capabilities, Compact Rail Plus also offers:

  • A C-profile that contains the sliders and the rolling elements, keeping dimensions compact.
  • Adjustable preload.
  • Nitrided, black oxidated, and polished raceways.

Compact Rail Plus is well-suited for a broad range of applications such as cutting machines, medical technology, packaging machines, photographic lighting equipment, construction and medical technology, robots, and many other automated machines and equipment.


  • Available rail sizes: 18, 28, 43
  • Max. operating speed: 7 m/s ( 276 in/s) (depending on application)
  • Max. acceleration: 20 m/s2 ( 787 in/s2 ) (depending on application)
  • Max. radial load capacity: 10,800 N ( per slider)
  • Temperature range: -20 to +120°C (-4 to +248°F ) briefly up to max. +150°C (+302 °F )
  • Available rail lengths from 160 mm to 3,600 mm (6.3 in to 142 in) in 80-mm increments (3.15 in), longer single rails up to max.
  • 4,080 mm (160.6 in) on request for sizes 28 and 43.
  • Rollers material: steel 100Cr6 (also available stainless steel AISI 440)
  • Roller pins lubricated for life
  • Roller seal/shield: 2RS (splash-proof )
  • In sizes 28 and 43 rails and slider bodies are standard zinc-plated according to ISO 2081, raceways are induction hardened and ground.
  • In size 18 rails are hardened with Rollon-Nox treatment of deep nitriding and black oxidation and slider bodies are standard zinc-plated according to ISO 2081.
  • Rail material of rails size 28-43: cold-drawn carbon steel CF53
  • Rail material of rails size 18: cold-drawn carbon steel 20MnCr5
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