Linear Motor Offers Increased Performance


LinMot, Inc. introduces a new series of linear servo motors that provide increased performance and mounting versatility.

The new P01-48 family of motors offers machine and equipment designers and material handling system engineers a very compact package that provides direct linear motion without the use of belts, cams and gears for more reliable positioning and handling operations.

According to LinMot USA Manager John Zenner, "this is the newest and largest of the LinMot style of linear servo motors."

"These units are designed for very high performance with a life of over one billion cycles."

The LinMot P01-48 family delivers peak forces of up to 135 lbs - the highest yet offered by LinMot linear motors, accelerations of up to 45 G's and speeds of up to 175 inches/sec. There are 22 models available with strokes of up to five feet. Custom sizes are available in larger quantities. All 48 family motors have IP-67 connectors that rotate for mounting flexibility.

With headquarters in Zurich Switzerland, LinMot specializes in high quality, high performance linear servo motors and associated controllers and software use by companies worldwide.
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