Linear Motor Technology


The new HSM 400U LP is the latest
high-speed milling innovation from GF AgieCharmilles. Designed for ultimate
precision and supreme surface quality, the HSM 400U LP provides 5-axis
simultaneous high-speed machining and delivers powerful performance and
precision on all five axes.

The HSM 400U LP is extremely dynamic and fast, and achieves speeds up to 250
RPM on the rotational axis and up to 150 RPM on the swivel axis, with a
B-axis swivel range of 220 degrees. The machining center also uses a liquid
cooled, linear direct drive motor technology to allow for short setting
times and high dynamic rigidity of the attitude control. Additionally, the
linear direct drive combines with central oil lubrication to reduce
friction-induced wear and ensure excellent, long-term precision.

With powerful vector spindles available at 30,000, 42,000 or 54,000 RPM, the
HSM 400U LP also provides excellent surface finish and part detail, while
significantly reducing machining time for semi-finishing and finishing
operations. The machine’s high dynamics and 1.7 g acceleration help
facilitate the reduction of non-productive time and help to maximize spindle

The HSM 400U LP possesses the capability for 24/7 unattended machining using
the optional pallet changer with 20/48 pallets. This fully integrable pallet
magazine further enhances the machine’s automation potential. The pallet
changer can be loaded while the machine is cutting, leading to minimum idle
time for the machining center.

GF AgieCharmilles equipped the HSM 400U LP with a Heidenhain iTNC 530
control system and smart machining modules that provide advanced levels of
monitoring critical to the production of high value precision medical,
aerospace and mold inserts. The system allows the machine to automatically
check and evaluate tools and workpieces, inspect tools for breakage and
perform measurements of the workpiece. Additionally, the smart machine
modules automatically monitor spindle vibration, calibrate machine geometry
and transmit process status messages to an operator’s cell phone.

The HSM 400U LP's unique monobloc bridge design achieves high precision by
maintaining a high level of rigidity. The machine’s polymer granite
construction provides increased performance in the areas of vibration
dampening and thermal stability, extending tool life and reducing operating
cost. Also, attention to the ergonomics of the machine’s design allows for
uncharacteristically easy access to workpieces.
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