Linear Stepper Motor Stage Achieves High Speeds, Accelerations & Accuracy


LSS-012-12-060-XY-01A-M is a revolutionary new series of low profile linear stepper XY positioning stage that integrates an absolute linear encoder into the single-axis linear stepper motor stage to operate the linear stepper motor as a 2-phase brushless linear motor, when coupled with state-of-the-art motion control electronics package provided by H2W. This allows stage to achieve speeds, accelerations, and accuracy previously unachievable with a standard open loop linear stepper motor. When operated this way, the motors will tend to run cooler as they will only draw the current needed to hold the desired position or make the desired move.



  • Ability to run closed loop stepper motor (with additional electronics)
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Ability to run in horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Low profile, compact, small footprint, open type, positioning stage
  • Outboard bearing for stability
  • Cable carriers to route system and payload cables
  • Two axis of coordinated motion
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