Linemaster Industrial RF Foot Control


The Linemaster Industrial RF Wireless Hercules foot control solves the problem of cords and wires on the jobsite floor. The Hercules model is well established as a rugged industrial footswitch and is now offered as a Wireless control that eliminates the hassle of cord clutter common in the workplace. The Industrial Wireless Hercules foot control utilizes Radio Frequency technology for optimal signal transmission and reception. Multiple systems may be used in the same vicinity at the same time with indoor transmission range of 60 feet. Battery life is approximately 400 hours at 50% duty cycle, which depending on the application could translate into several months of operation before a battery change is required. This foot switch compliments a variety of applications like metal working, pipe threading, tube cleaning, food processing, and numerous others. Custom foot switches are available with special options that include up to three switch functions, private labeling, special paint finish, anti-trip treadle mechanism, and special handle with knob.

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