Linemaster’s Electronic AC Speed Control


Linemaster introduces the new and improved Electronic AC Speed Control Foot Switch, which was designed to offer precise variable control of fractional horsepower universal motors.  The Electronic AC Speed Control Foot Switch bears the same size and shape as the previous Motor Speed Control model, but the features of the new electronic version are a big upgrade.  The new model utilizes Hall Effect sensor technology rather than the standard mechanical potentiometer, which provides a much more consistent and accurate performance over the life of the foot switch.  Each foot switch is now electronically calibrated to ensure accurate motor control over the full travel of the pedal.  A full wave variable speed mode has also been added and provides higher torque at low RPM’s as well as offering a smoother control of the motor.  Each Electronic AC Speed Control is constructed of high impact polymeric plastic material that will never rust or corrode. Two off the shelf models are available, each with dual cable assemblies.  One model is supplied with a series plug and receptacle and the other standard option is flying leads for direct wiring. Custom models are available upon request, contact Linemaster for more details.  

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