Linemaster’s Medical Grade RF Wireless Foot Control


Linemaster introduces its RF Wireless foot control; a unique plug and go system perfect for new applications or as a replacement for existing wired solutions.  Linemaster’s standard RF Wireless foot controls are offered with up to (5) digital and (3) analog switch functions with additional switch functions available upon request.  This innovative system eliminates the cord clutter on the floors that is common in most working environments, while providing the freedom that wireless has to offer.


Linemaster’s RF Technology utilizes the well established IEEE 802.15.4 Standard and operates in the worldwide ISM 2.4 GHz frequency band.  Our unique and robust proprietary communication scheme does not require the use of bi-directional link or acknowledgement, which greatly reduces the amount of air traffic and potential interference.  This results in a high quality and failsafe wireless system suitable for the medical market. 


The transmitter (foot pedal) is powered by (3) “AA” Alkaline batteries providing 700 hours of operation @ 50% duty cycle, which could translate to years of operating life depending on the application.  In addition to the extensive battery life, the transmitter meets the provisions of IP68 degree of protection making it the perfect interface for numerous medical devices.

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