Linemaster’s RF Wireless Foot Control For Welders


Linemaster introduces its Varior RF Wireless foot control; a unique plug and go system that is compatible with all of the brand name welding equipment as well as potter’s wheels, electric vehicles, or anywhere that variable control of a motor is required. The Varior RF foot control is an ergonomic design made from robust polymeric plastic and utilizes hall sensor technology to give the end user a smooth and precise output. Not only is the foot switch designed to be ergonomically and cosmetically pleasing it is offered at a very affordable price.

The RF Varior foot pedal (transmitter) operates on 3 AA batteries, while offering the user an unparalleled 4,000 hours of battery life. This innovative system offers up to 90 feet of range while eliminating the cord clutter on the floors that is common in most working environments. The receiver design is very compact and plugs directly into the piece of equipment the foot pedal will operate. Pairing the foot pedal to the receiver has never been easier, simply plug in the receiver – install the batteries into the foot switch – push the button on the receiver and actuate the pedal – in just seconds the two are paired.

Linemaster’s RF Technology operates in the worldwide ISM 2.4 GHz frequency band. Our unique and robust proprietary communication scheme greatly reduces the amount of air traffic and potential interference. This results in a high quality and failsafe wireless system

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