Liner Prevents Heat Stress


An innovative thermal liner for firefighter turnout gear is specially engineered to release the heat that quickly builds up inside a firefighter’s protective coat to help protect against heat stress.


The Honeywell Heat-Release Liner is comprised of strategically placed air vents and ports in the protective thermal layer that enables heat trapped within the layers of the garment to be rapidly vented and expelled after the firefighter leaves the super-heated environment.


Warm air trapped within the garment liner is directed to the upper chest and back where the vents and ports work together to facilitate it being more quickly exhausted to the outside. The patent-pending vents and ports on the thermal liner are activated when the firefighter loosens the throat strap/upper storm shield and SCBA belt after they leave the fire structure, enabling cooler air to enter the thermal liner, vent the heated air and bring faster relief to the firefighter.

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