Liquid Cooling Systems


Custom liquid cooling systems for semiconductor tools are specifically designed to keep critical production tools running at precise temperatures.

In semiconductor fabrication facilities, Laird's custom multistage compressor based chillers are used to support cooling for very low temperature requirements.

custom cooling systems have a water-cooled evaporator instead of an air-cooled evaporator. A liquid-to-liquid solution is quieter than a liquid-to-air system because a fan is not required. More importantly, the heat can be rejected by available general facility cooling water and may not be rejected into the air temperature conditioned environment.

Systems can be positioned near the production tool, hidden in a false floor or on the lower level in a sub-floor and are built to meet SEMI S2 or F47 standard, including seismic protection.


Custom liquid cooling systems for semiconductor tools can include:

  • heat exchangers
  • pumps, sensors
  • thermoelectric modules
  • thermoelectric assemblies
  • thermoelectric chillers
  • compressors
  • flow controllers
  • temperature controllers
  • and more
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