Liquid Heavy-Duty Cleaner


Safe Scrub® ST Heavy-Duty Cleaner easily removes oil and surface soils on metal parts. Safe Scrub ST is an effective biodegradable liquid cleaner that can be used on metal parts before or after processing. This liquid cleaner is used to emulsify oil from iron and steel parts, and then hold the oil residues in solution to prevent them from re-depositing on the parts.  Safe Scrub ST is an environmentally friendly choice because it contains biodegradable surfactants and no EPA regulated metals. Safe Scrub ST effectively removes these types of fluids: mineral oil, grinding coolant, drawing/stamping lubes, and hydraulic oils, as well as water soluble/synthetic fluids.

Supplied as a liquid concentrate, it can be used as stand-alone cleaner after metalworking operations or as a pre-cleaner prior to metal finishing operations such as black oxide coating or phosphating. Safe Scrub ST mixes easily with water and is designed for medium to heavy-duty soak tank cleaning of iron and steel parts. It operates at temperatures of 120 to 180°F, effectively lifting oil residues from the metal surface and holding them in suspension. When the solution is allowed to cool, much of the emulsified oil will float to the surface, allowing removal of the oil with an oil skimmer or coalescing filter and maximizing the working life of the Safe Scrub ST cleaning solution.            

Safe Scrub ST’s unique blend of detergents makes it free-rinsing in cold water. Giving it the ability to produce waterbreak-free surfaces that are receptive to subsequent coating and finishing operations. Safe Scrub ST is a the perfect solution for metal part cleaning and maintains a high level of cleaning power while minimizing the amount of product to do the job effectively.


  • easily removes oil and surface soils on metal parts
  • free-rinsing in cold water

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