Liquidtool Manager: Give Your Coolant a Voice


2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

With the Liquidtool Manager, professionals can now use an intelligent, IoT-based solution for monitoring coolants. Taking metalworking companies a step closer to digitalization, The innovation combines intelligent technology with reliable sensors to create a product where data can be accessed anytime and anywhere, thanks to a cloud-based platform.  The Liquidtool Sensor is magnetically mounted onto the machine to be monitored, connected to the company’s WLAN or LAN internet connection, and operated with the Liquidtool Manager app via tablet, smartphone or PC.


The sensor for metal cutting machines is compatible with coolants of all manufacturers and monitors them automatically. It regularly takes coolant from the machine tank and measures the sample with the built-in refractometer and thermometer and stores the data, allowing deviations to be detected at an early stage. Users can add additional values such as pH, nitrite, and water hardness manually.


The data collected by the sensor is stored and analyzed in the cloud-based Liquidtool Manager. The Manager provides secure access to all current and historical measurement data in real time and from various devices. The stored data can be displayed directly in the Liquidtool Manager via various graphics, statistics, and reports. In addition, users can exchange experiences with other users worldwide in the Liquidtool Community.


  • Plug & Play installation
  • Magnetic mount
  • Automatic measurement of concentration
  • Automatic measurement of temperature
  • Low maintenance
  • Self-cleaning refractometer
Liquidtool Sensor
WeightNet: 3.1 kgGross: 4.5 kg
Size (W x H x D) (mm)317 x 130 x 84
Concentration [Brix]Optical Refractometer
(Total Reflection)
0 to 20 (+/-0.2%)0.1
Temperature [°C]PT100/PT10000 to 50 (+/- 1) 1
Measuring IntervalSelective60 to 1,440 min (24h)60 min
Connections &
Power Supply100 to 240V
24V DC/2.5A screwed connector
Digital PortsRJ45, Bluetooth,
USB disabled
Serial PortRS485Protocol: Modbus
Tube Connections8 mm (Intake)
6 mm (Outlet)
DevicePumpPiston PumpPump Volume:
400 ml/min 
FilterParticle Size: 100µm
TubingSuction Lift: 150 cm max.
IP Enclosure RatingIP44
Operation Conditions5 to 50°C; 0 to 95% relative humidity
Storage Temp. -25 to 60°C (dry)

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This in an unreal product! We can't wait until the AutoPilot comes out!
Anonymous, Operations, Production and Plant Management
Works perfectly and takes away the manual measurements.