LITESORT Automated Conveyor and Sortation System


2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

The LITESORT automated sortation system was engineered to help companies keep up with online purchasing by eliminating the labor and time-intensive function of manual sortation.


Automated conveyor and sortation systems provide a solution to these inefficiencies, yet can all too often be difficult and costly to implement and operate. The FMH LITESORT solves these problems, providing a modular, easy-to-set-up automated sorting solution with an integrated scanning tunnel and customizable, foldable divert wings for faster loading and unloading, reduced labor, and more. This solution allows for rapid deployment of a scan and sort system without the need for lengthy or costly implementations.


This low-cost, portable, plug & play configuration was designed to be installed without any special tools or need for sophisticated control systems.


  • Uses 110V power and 24V DC control systems
  • No specials tools or skills are required to build & operate the system
  • Sections are on casters for convenient relocation and divert wings are foldable to reduce storage area and improve maneuverability
  • Scan and read barcodes to more accurately sort items with up to five side scanning
  • Faster load/unload
  • Reduced labor & number of touches
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Reduced walking for associates
  • Faster training for associates
  • Faster replenishment process
  • Consistent product flow
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