Lithium Ion Imaging Thermometer


DEWALT announces the launch of its 12 Volt MAX* Lithium Ion Imaging Thermometer (DCT416S1), which has been designed to allow professionals to easily and accurately measure temperatures of various surfaces and identify trouble spots. The imaging thermometer measures temperature and displays both visual and thermal images. The images can be blended together to pinpoint an issue. The DCT416S1 is ideal for professionals such as electricians locating overloaded circuits or wiring issues, HVAC service crews testing the temperatures from ducts, remodelers finding leaks around doors and windows, or maintenance crews diagnosing equipment issues.

 “The DEWALT Innovation Team recognized the need for a tool that combines the compact size and value of the existing 12V MAX* IR Thermometer with the high-functionality of a traditional thermal camera,” said Christine Potter, director of marketing, DEWALT. “With the launch of the new Imaging Thermometer, we’re excited to offer an innovative jobsite solution that measures temperature, reports results in an easy-to-read display, and clearly pinpoints trouble spots at a price point more accessible to contractors.” The new imaging thermometer measures between 14-degrees Fahrenheit and 480-degrees Fahrenheit. The 2.2-inch color screen has the ability to change from an all-thermal, to blended image, to all-visual display. The thermal images use color range to depict cold and warm temperatures, while the visual images are photos of the actual surface being scanned. Contractors can change the type of image they would like to display with intuitive toggle buttons. By offering the image blend feature, professionals are able to communicate issues and plans for repair with their peers or customers. 

In addition to capturing the visual and thermal images in bitmap format, the DCT416S1’s micro SD card allows contractors to capture, save and transfer images to designers, foremen or customers. The imaging thermometer also includes report-writing software for further analysis of trouble spots. The DCT416S1 uses non-contact temperature measurement for ease of use over distance and accuracy, while the adjustable emissivity improves accuracy across a wide range of materials. A tracking feature can be enabled that automatically shows the hottest (red cursor) and coldest (blue cursor) spots in the viewing area. With the ergonomic 12V MAX* handle design and lightweight battery, the tool is well balanced and comfortable to use. The sliding lens cover protects the image lens from damage. The DCT416S1 will be available in June 2012 through industrial distributors. The kit will include one DCT416 imaging thermometer, one micro SD card, report writing software, one 12 Volt MAX* Lithium Ion battery pack, one fast charger and a kit box. 


  • displays both visual and thermal images
  • report-writing software
  • tracking feature

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