New SKF® “LLT” profile rail guides integrate a unique “all-around” sealing system and unprecedented design features to protect against contaminants, increase repeatability, provide smooth-running performance, and promote longer service life requiring minimal maintenance.  These guides ideally suit linear motion applications in the material handling, injection molding, packaging, medical device, printing, and woodworking industries, among others. Their standard sealing system consists of double-lip front seals and side and inner seals to prevent contamination and retain lubricant.  Guides are supplied pre-lubricated and with integral grease reservoirs to deliver constant relubrication without oversight.  Steel threaded lube ports on their carriages accommodate automatic lubrication systems for an easy fit and enhanced reliability.
An arrangement of four ball rows in a 45º angle with equal loading capacity from all directions imparts high levels of stiffness, strength, and accuracy.  The X-arrangement of ball rows additionally contributes self-aligning capabilities.
LLT guides are available in a wide range of sizes (15-45), carriages, rail sizes (80mm-4000mm), preload and accuracy classes, mounting configurations, and accessories.  Normal and high precision accuracy grades have been engineered for interchangeability to allow for component flexibility and adaptability in any system design without sacrificing precision class.

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