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Castell’s Salvo™ Loading Dock Safety System drive-away prevention products promote safety on automatic and manual loading dock doors. The brake line interlocking system minimizes the possibility of human error to protect workers from injury and property from damage. Fast, safe access is an important issue in loading docks. The Salvo system prevents injury and damage to loading platforms by making it impossible for trucks to drive away during loading or unloading. Salvo’s Glad Hand Lock attaches to the truck’s emergency brake line, ensuring brakes are applied. 

This provides worker safety and ensures compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178 and FMCSA 49 CFR 393.41 vehicle loading requirements. Once the Gland Hand Lock is applied, the uniquely coded key is released. This key is then used to open the dock door to begin loading or unloading the trailer. Only after work is completed and the door closed is the key needed to unlock the Salvo Glad Hand Brake Lock released, making it impossible for the driver to depart prematurely.

A number of custom Salvo configurations are available. The range includes manual and automatic door systems, brake line locking options, accessories and a new efficiency enhancing software program, DockMonitor. The software captures operational data such as loading time, number of operations, idle time and available time, measuring performance while still guaranteeing safety.


  • prevents injury and damage to loading platforms
  • makes it impossible for trucks to drive away during loading or unloading
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