Locking Hand Tools


BLACK KNIGHT tools were developed in response to a request for very low profile locking tools.  Because they are slimmer than the base of even the smallest socket, they successfully reach into tight spaces not accessible with other tools.  Still, BLACK KNIGHT tools are exceptionally strong and are certified to Aerospace and ANSI strength standards.   

The BLACK KNIGHT system also deploys a completely new, state-of-the-art locking technology.  It’s revolutionary, patented, spring-loaded locking plunger creates a wedge effect when a pull force is exerted on the socket or tool attachment, thereby providing many times the holding force of the standard spring-loaded ball detent of old-style tools.  BLACK KNIGHT’s hold on the attachment actually increases when a pull force is exerted rather than the hold being easily overcome as occurs with old-style tools.  Moreover, because all LINK tools connect together to eliminate the fear of unintended tool disconnects, users of LINK tools were found to work in less stressful postures, thereby extending the beneficial work life and productivity of the skilled worker, to the economic advantage of all.    

The tools are available in different drive sizes and are chrome-plated with knurled, titanium-coated quick-release collars at every connection.   


  • reach into tight spaces
  • spring-loaded locking plunger
  • different drive sizes

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