Long Distance Sensor


Eagle Eye Sensors come in a single package that contains both a through-beam photoelectric laser source (emitter) and a receiver, providing a similar function as a proximity sensor, but with enhanced benefits. The combination emitter/receiver package is ideal for detecting the presence of objects, such as products on an assembly line, material or liquid level control, product positioning or profiling, and other applications.  The housing and components are ruggedized to withstand the ambient stresses of a factory environment and the set is also IP67 rated.


The new Eagle Eye Sensor from BEA Lasers is available with a red (650nm) laser, and a dot optic.  The laser is pulsed / modulated, which helps the receiver to distinguish the signal from extraneous light and achieve a long sensing range.  The maximum operating distance of the Eagle Eye Sensors, between the emitter and the receiver, or sensing range, is 20 meters. 


An object is detected when the sensing path is interrupted between the two components.  The effective beam size of a standard Eagle Eye through-beam laser sensor has been “apertured” to detect small parts, inspect small profiles or accurately sense position.

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